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Transformational Body Work with Robin

"A treatment with Robin is a whole other experience like traveling to a new country. She is truly remarkable. You are in gifted hands woven with wonderful intuition. Not only did I leave nourished and replenished, the effects resonated afterwards like one of her tuning forks. You will return again and again.”

- Elaine Desmond, Skibbereen, Ireland

Robin has “ruined” me for going to any other massage therapist or reflexologist.  Her work in these areas is multi-dimensional and I have never met her match.  I have known Robin as a colleague, healer, teacher, and friend.  In all these areas she is impeccable with her word, her energy and her teachings."

Anthony Smokovich, Transformational Guide/Mentor and Mindfulness Teacher

"You are a gifted healer. Many times I have benefitted from your healing touch and presence.  You are a most loving and caring person who goes the extra mile to support a client's personal transformation and growth."

- Joseph Aldo, PhD, Intuitive Holistic Healer

"I received some massage work from Robin recently.  It was a joy from start to finish.  She created a calm and relaxing space.  She connected with me exactly where I was at the time. I found her to be deeply intuitive and her wealth of experience in the area of bodywork was evident.  I felt safe and nurtured throughout the session.  The experience seemed to centre me, 'bringing me back to myself' and I basked in the glow for days afterwards. Sincere thanks for your generosity Robin." - Peggy, Waterford, Ireland

"I highly recommend Robin as a massage therapist. Over the years, I have used many massage therapists, and I can that Robin is the best that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. 

She is extremely competent.  She treats all my aches and pains and any more serious problems to the extent necessary.  In addition, she brings tranquility to my emotional state, bringing me to a calm and relaxed state.  I leave her facility completely renewed.  I cannot recommend her more highly." - Maureen F

Transformational  Coaching
tunnel of trees.jpg

During a critical time of transition in my life, I sought out Robin's transformational coaching services to move from one way of being to the next.  Robin's medicine bag is filled with a diverse range of healing modalities and deeply integrated wisdom teachings.  Under her care, I traversed through the depths of my soul, illuminating what was in the shadows, longing for unity with the woman I was becoming.  Her guidance was a beacon of trust and mentorship, and drew forth an approach that felt both easy and profound.  

 I am amazed and grateful for the extent of deep healing and integration that took place in each session due to her clear holding, loving guidance, and keen intuition at each step of the process.  Robin's medicine is truly a gift that helped me progress in my personal transformation journey. 

- Lisa G, USA  

"Robin is a wise medicine woman, an old soul and a true healer and one can feel her power and the blessing of her presence the minute you meet her.  Having spent years training in various holistic fields around the world, we are lucky that she has chosen Ireland as her home. Bringing with her a vast toolkit of healing modalities that she intuitively uses as needed in her healing sessions.  

The little robin is treasured in Ireland for its magical presence, it reminds us that we are not alone and we are loved. The perfectly named Robin Spiegel is akin to that precious robin."

Robin is the 'Real Deal' and practices the highest level of spiritual ethics in her work. I recommend Robin to those looking for help in finding their 'Way' to their own unique path of healing and peace. She will open the doors with integrity and sincerity of spirit in the most loving and sacred way to all who show up.     

- MJLeen 2023, Ireland

Lotus Wellness Center

"Your Lotus Wellness Center is so very dear to my heart and soul.  In the years that I have experienced its many offerings, I have grown spiritually, intuitively, consciously and have expanded in leaps and bounds.  My clairvoyance was sharply regained, and my connection to Spirit is the strongest ever.  Your Center is holy, sacred ground where one can catapult to higher levels if one is open and accepting."  - Esther Leiva, Certified Coach, Reiki, Creator of "Transformational Dimensions"

Robin Spiegel

"Thank you so very much Robin, for a very special time facilitating at your Center.  It is a very special place.  It was a great pleasure to experience your community of like minded people.  Reflecting on the evening, I find myself feeling warm inside.  So special.  So full."  

- Philip Cope, Chiropractor, Co-Facilitator of "Circle of Light"

"I highly recommend the services and classes at The Lotus Wellness Center, a beautiful healing sanctuary that truly emanates a peaceful, calming tone.  I love going there and experiencing all that it has to offer from classes to private sessions. So grateful for Robin's efforts in creating such a beautiful space." - Joseph Aldo, PhD, Intuitive Holistic Healer

Conscious Movement Classes

"Robin, what a wonderful intimate evening of dance (Azul Conscious Movement).  I see you as a midwife helping us birth what we never lost.  What a wonderful way to recover vital energy, ride on the waves of spirit, and leap to places of healing and adventure in a larger reality. What an experience of fierce joy!" - Hilde

"The day after class (Conscious Movement & the Chakras), I was so happy and playful, something that doesn't happen often for me.  I am so grateful to you!  Tension, worries, fear just disappeared through movement and music!" 

- Karin Reetz, Sound Healer, Reiki Master

"Playing and letting go is so important for spiritual freedom from all the habits of the ego. It was so fun to be in a space of conscious community supported and loved with dance and creativity sparkling the air, feeding our souls.  I loved it all!" (Authentic Self Playshop)

- Laura Parisi, Food Shaman, Reiki Master​

Workshops / Classes

"Robin’s aromatherapy teachings in the assisted living community have informed residents about the healing properties and health benefits of essential oils.  Including Robin’s program in the calendar of events has enhanced the resident experience, creating a greater sense of well-being.  Robin’s approach is gentle and informative, as she provides individual attention and works around the needs of the group as they present themselves."

- Carissa Ronish, Program Coordinator

Edge Hill Senior Living Community, CT

"Robin’s classes are always inspirational and transformative.  She intuitively knows when to help one stretch, when to remain silent, when to offer support.  There are not many people I know who carry true wisdom.  Robin is one of these few." Anthony Smokovich, Transformational Guide/Mentor and Mindfulness Teacher

"As an aromatherapist and massage therapist, I have taken many classes and worked with many clients, experiencing the wonders and intriguing healing effects of the oils.  Robin takes the experience to another level, beyond any I have encountered.  She translates the heart and the soul of the plant and experientially demonstrates the life and healing breath that each oil possesses.  I walked away (well maybe lifted away) with a new passion and appreciation for these essences in my life." - Greer Jonas, LMT, Numerologist, Artist

Holiday Sale & Celebration at Lotus

"Thank you for including me in your circle of love and consciousness.  The center was beautifully clear, extending an abundance of friendship and joy to all who entered.  As I rounded each corner and climbed the stairs, I was delighted by all that I took in - gorgeous handicrafts, inspired communications, soothing scents, resonating tones and rhythms, laughter, wisdom ... a true community.  The Lotus Wellness Center sparkles with your nurturing energy. Thank you for all you share with me, and the world." - Ani Dorian​

"The holiday sale at Lotus has become one of my favorite days of the holiday season.  The atmosphere is so festive & so filled with love and the true essence of the holidays.  I always feel enveloped by the most wonderful energy and leave with a spectacular selection of unique and very special gifts for my loved ones." - ME Jay​

Aromatherapy Customized Blend


"Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  "Grounded Light" is a potent and powerful blend.  I absolutely love the complexity and depth of the scent.  It's exquisite!  You have magic that moves through you dear Robin.  This is a gift beyond words and I have felt it working since we spoke. I hold you and your alchemical talents deep in my heart and I'm full of gratitude." - Kevin Courtney, Yoga Teacher, Co-Founder of "The Bridge Practice"

"I love it so so so much.  The blend is perfect for what I am working with right now.  And I can feel that.  Thank you, truly.  It's so special.  Much love to you, Robin"

- Tracey Smith, Creative Director and Filmmaker

Feng Shui Adjustment Items

"The Feng Shui crystal piece you made for me is stunning!  Absolutely stunning.  It is blessing my altar now … catching the morning light and making rainbows dance on the walls. Big Love" 

- Amara Pagano, Creator of Azul Conscious Movement

"Spirit so clearly moves through you dear, Robin.  And this crystal sacred instrument radiates positivity, love, and joy.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Thank you for your generosity of energy, love and for all the precious time you took to make this incredible piece.  

I feel blessed beyond compare." - Kevin Courtney, Yoga Instructor, Co-Founder of "The Bridge Practice"

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