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Transformational Body Work with Robin

"Kind, compassionate and an instinctive communicator, not to mention a gifted masseuse; Robin has a rare innate ability to combine her interpersonal skills and massage therapy to promote healing, balance and true relaxation for her clients.  There is absolutely no one like her anywhere!" - Lisa

"Robin demonstrates her unique healing skills on all levels.  Her love and compassion shine through as a massage therapist as well as an intuitive healer.  Her work with me over the years has guided me on a journey of deeper self awareness.  It has been an integral part of my own personal healing.  Such a blessing!" - Ellen Gessler, RN

"Thank you for the gift of expansion, transformation and growth which you so willingly help me walk through.  I continue to be humbled in the safety of the healing sessions you create. Honestly, all I know is that every time I'm with you, I experience such a depth of love that expresses itself in every cell of your being that it stays with me for a very long time!  Thank you for your brilliance!  My cells thank you, my body thanks you, my heart opens with deep gratitude." - Laura Parisi, Food Shaman, Reiki Master, Creator of "Rooted Angel"

"Thank you for a fabulous session today.  It was expansive and exhale-iscious!"  - Stacey S

"As always, Robin, my gratitude for the sacred space.  It always feels like holy ground where anything is possible.  I am so blessed to have you in my life; thank you for all that you do with so much compassion, love, and holding such beautiful space.  With much gratitude and love." - Esther Leiva, Certified Coach, Reiki, Creator of "Transformational Dimensions"

"Last Friday was an incredible, transformative experience for me.  Thank you for helping me. You gave me many gifts.  I'm holding onto the concepts you shared deep within.  I know it's just the beginning of a process ... a journey ... one that I'm really happy to be on, finally.  Thanks and praises." Jonathan, Musician

"Thank you for a truly wonderful healing session today.  You brought my physical, mental, emotional & spiritual layers into comfortable balance with such grace.  In Gratitude."

- Debby S.

"Best sleep I had in weeks.  No pain at all!!  I can feel the shifts.  Thank you so much for all that you do.  You're a living angel." - Scott Nelson, Medicine Man​

"I am so grateful for our time together, for your heart and hands, for the grace of spirit that guided the session, for your gifts and various trainings that you have acquired, for every sound that filled, cleared, nourished and nurtured my body and my being.  I feel so much lighter and freer, and I know that the healing and release will continue.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Thalia, harpist

"Robin is a remarkable healer who works not only on the physical body, but also on the emotional and spiritual.  I always leave her feeling both physically and emotionally relaxed, as though a weight has been lifted.  Robin’s sense of intuition is amazing - she knows exactly how to work with the body, how much pressure to apply, when and how best to integrate aromatherapy.  She is truly gifted." - Nicola Parisi, Photographer

Body Work at "OneDanceTribe" Event


“Robin was one of the greatest blessings during the ODTribe 2019 long weekend.  Her compassionate touch, intuition and talent and energy helped me go from feeling confined and "stuck" (as a dancer, creative person and woman) to bursting open from my heart.  This changed my dance - I was soaring - and my approach to the uncertainty in my life at this time. Robin's healing session has stayed with me as I "landed" back into reality - and faced serious challenges upon returning, I have remained centered and open and I credit that to Robin's magic.  I will be continuing my work with her since I think it's vital to the world and especially for me.” - Stacey Clarfield Newman, Artist

"Thank you so much Robin for my healing session while at One Dance Tribe . . . Your intuitive presence, care and touch is not only magical and nourishing, it's transformational!  You ofter the gift of being completely seen, held and tended. Such holy world work!! Thank you a thousand times over!! You are a gift!  Blessings to you Sweet Sister”

- Susan Campbell, 5R Facilitator, Asheville, NC

It took me a bit to realize what depth your transformational bodywork landed in me, after returning home from OneDanceTribe. A few weeks later after your session, I can say something has definitely changed. I deeply feel carried through my day, even in hectic every day times, where I usually get easily frustrated or my mood drops down, I still feel that there is something inside me that can hold and carry it all. What an embodied support! Your blessed work, plus the magic of ODT, is a deep and strong combination that I can highly recommend.  Thank you so much! In our session I felt completely safe and sound, there was not a second of something odd.  - Melanie, Dance Therapist, Germany

"Working with Robin at OneDanceTribe in New York was a powerful piece of my journey there.  She helped me to deepen in my own process, and to initiate internal work that continued on the dance floor and throughout the retreat.  I am so grateful for our sessions, and hope to have the chance to work with her again at a future retreat."

- Harwood Ferguson

“The work you did with me was powerful.  I appreciate your beautiful warm energy.  Thank you so much.” - Carole Clements, UK

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Transformational Coaching, Healing & Energy Work

Robin and I attended the same online training to become Clear Beliefs Coaches. We exchanged many sessions between us.  Robin always holds a sacred space for me that helps me go deeper inside.  She is knowledgeable, sensitive, patient and attuned to what I am saying.  She loves doing what she does.  It was a blessing having her in our triad.

The Clear Beliefs techniques are fantastic.  They helped me dive into the real roots of my blocks and emotional traps.  Thanks Robin!

- Gilda Amarante, Certified Clear Beliefs Coach, Certified Emotion/Body Code Practitioner - mostly for Brazilians

I had what I thought would be one session with Robin when I was teaching in OneDanceTribe, Garrison, New York.  She came so highly recommended, I had to try!  The experience was so loving and nurturing that I signed on for another one three days later!  I consider Robin to be an empath and a healer.  I do not use the words very often. They are saved for someone who is the real deal.

- Megha Nancy Butteneheim

Let Your Yoga Dance LLC, CJO (Chief JOY Officer)

Robin is truly a gifted spiritual and energetic healer.  I’ve experienced her amazing work for 25 years and every session I’ve had has been transformational and inspiring!  She continues to amaze me with her incredible intuitive heart and insightful spirit.  - K. French

I have always found Robin’s insights on point while compassionate.  As a coach, she has taken me through an even deeper level of self-discovery.  Her unique style of coaching becomes a gentle opportunity for me to delve into my own strengths as well as how I might sabotage my greatness.  Then the work begins as I take action in my life. 

- Greer Jonas, Numerologist 

Robin is an incredible healer.  She has a remarkable ability to connect with you on an empathic, intimate level while carefully intuiting your energy, guiding you through thoughtful meditation, and creates a very effective individualized flower essence blend just for you.  Her healing session was powerful and insightful and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a transformational experience! - K. Merritt

Thank you, Robin, for following the calling of your soul, to be of planetary service.  I totally resonate with the amazing and powerful transformational healing work that you do.  I am so grateful for our every session together.  I am so blessed, each time, to receive your loving presence, compassionate words, and healing hands. I've always thought of your work as deliverance-of-wisdom-from-within-above.

- Thalia Cokkinos, Musician, Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Poet

"Thank you for the gift of expansion, transformation and growth which you so willingly help me walk through.  I continue to be humbled in the safety of the healing sessions you create. Honestly, all I know is that every time I'm with you, I experience such a depth of love that expresses itself in every cell of your being that it stays with me for a very long time!  Thank you for your brilliance!  My cells thank you, my body thanks you, my heart opens with deep gratitude." - Laura Parisi, Food Shaman, Reiki Master, Creator of "Rooted Angel"

Robin, I will never forget the session I had with you last year.  2019 was my "Dark Night of the Soul."  I was experiencing many contrasts in my life that led to the realization of a large imbalance between my masculine and feminine energies.  I showed up to my session and wasn’t sure that I could describe what I was sensing and feeling, but once we faced each other, it was easily expressed.  I felt so safe, clear, and comfortable with sharing my predicament.  Your questions allowed the voice of my masculine energy as well as the voice of my feminine energy to be heard and to ultimately bring forth a harmonious collaboration between the two.


I felt such a shift after you integrated conscious movement into the session.  I distinctly remember walking away with a feeling of totally embracing ME!  Frankly, as a coach myself, I appreciated being professionally coached by YOU!  What an awesome divine appointment that was.  I was so satisfied and felt so whole.  I was grateful to receive a Flower Essence blend to support me in moving forward.  I have never ever felt that imbalance again.  With deepest gratitude.   - Esther Leiva, “Transformational Dimensions”

Thank you very much for your sessions. We had sessions online and I experienced a lot of Love and Energy.  It was easy to become calm in my thoughts and to experience peace and Greater Connectedness.  You helped me in many ways to be more in contact with all the layers inside me. You took the lead to go to more painful parts and helped me to experience, research, and include them. So I learned to meet and honour them. Parts of me are less separated or lost and I feel more connected. You make notes of the sessions which are very helpful and you give suggestions for meditation between the sessions. I have faith to go further on my path; you helped me to find my way.  And, - very important - I felt during and after each session very good energy, connectedness, Love. I can fully recommend this experience by you to other people.   - Henriette, Germany

Aromatherapy Workshops

"Robin is an amazing resource, teaching simultaneously on many levels.  In this workshop as we explored essential oils, gem stones, meditation and utilizing our intuition, it gave our community a wealth of information, and brought us to a deeper connection with many aspects of ourselves." 

- Faith Perkins, Lodestar Holistic Wellness/Children, Families & Communities, Inc, Maine

"Thank you very much for your Inspirational pacing and leading so that I may learn Aromatherapy from you.  You are a great Master of Essential Oils.  I am really interested and inspired by this marvelous form of Spiritual Alchemy.  I so enjoyed your experiential class. You are a great teacher.  Your style of teaching is so up close and personal that I am reminded of the mouth-to-ear style of teaching in the Orient.  I felt at home and so held by your compassionate love and had great fun mixing those blends.  Thank you, thank you!" Samyama Gates, Spiritual Astrologer, Spiritual Life Mentor Coach​

"What an AMAZING aromatherapy study group we had yesterday, thanks to your blessed guidance.  I always learn so much more than the subject at hand.  With all my Gratitude, Love & Light" - Karin Reetz, Reiki Master & Sound Healer

"Thank you so much for a beautiful day with the plant beings - you are a wonderful teacher and I always have a profound experience and learning when I am with you.  As you correctly informed us, like a stew or marinade, the blend of fragrances becomes more profound after a while when the molecules start to vibrate harmoniously together.  I love the blend I created in class." - Rowena Zabrodsky, Sound Healer, Energy Healer

"This course opened a whole new amazing world of support for me and my loved ones!  In the past I was exposed to four colds in a year's time, and have only had a very minor cold for the past few years.  I enjoyed creating my own blend and Robin's spiritually, practical way of teaching made the course fun and highly useful.  This is another way and tool to help yourself and others on the beautiful journey of life.  Thank you for all that you do to provide wisdom and understanding to the masses.  I am so blessed to know you.  Love, Gratitude & Blessings"  - Esther Leiva, Certified Coach, Reiki, Creator of "Transformational Dimensions"

"You are amazing Robin and we truly thank you for a tremendous evening of teaching with oils, meditation, sound healing, love and warmth!  The sharing within the group was an indication of how comfortable everyone felt; it was truly a gift." - Janet Muller, "Soul Strong" program at Soul Ryeders, Yoga Teacher, Owner of "Beyond Yoga"

"Thank you Robin for sharing your wisdom and time with us.  It was an incredible evening for our participants and we are all so appreciative of your gift of you to the Soul Strong program!" - Deborah Nye, "Soul Strong" program at Soul Ryeders

Aromatherapy workshops
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