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Robin's Sessions & Classes

I am a Certified Transformational Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Transformational Bodyworker, and energy worker utilizing sound healing, essential oils, chakra balancing, flower essences, crystals and more. For the past 35+ years, I have supported my students and clients to reach their highest potential through spiritual counseling, inspiration, empowerment, compassion and healing touch. 

I support others to improve the quality of their health and life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through powerful sessions and inspiring workshops.


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"I'm really speechless after yesterday's session.  I felt an incredible opening and I was ready for a deep understanding and recognition of the role I play on this earth. You impressed upon me the importance of self forgiveness and love so that I may be an instrument of that Truth and Love to others. I felt an incredible energetic shift during your healing hands on my body, light beings in the room, all a wonderful support. 

Thank you for being a guide, teacher and mentor in this process of self discovery and realization. Thank you for being a beacon of light and love in this world.  You are such a nurturing presence that makes me feel safe to do this work.  Thank you." - Kimberly

"Transformational Healing and Energy Work"

How can you move towards more love and trust, with less fear and worry, while relaxing into uncertainty?  What is ready to be released that truly no longer serves you?  What is deeply held in your heart and soul that wishes to be expressed and heard so that you can move forward to create anew …  for yourself and in the world?

  • Sound healing - will support your energy field for greater centering, balancing & alignment

  • Meditative journey - brings greater awareness to what wishes to be seen, held and healed​

  • Body wisdom - conscious movement, chakra balancing - to further receive the incredible power & truth your body holds

  • Flower essence blend - can be created and sent (if desired) to continue receiving transformational support  

During the Healing Session:

During a critical time of transition in my life, I sought out Robin's transformational coaching services to move from one way of being to the next.  Robin's medicine bag is filled with a diverse range of healing modalities and deeply integrated wisdom teachings.  Under her care, I traversed through the depths of my soul, illuminating what was in the shadows, longing for unity with the woman I was becoming.  Her guidance was a beacon of trust and mentorship, and drew forth an approach that felt both easy and profound.  I am amazed and grateful for the extent of deep healing and integration that took place in each session due to her clear holding, loving guidance, and keen intuition at each step of the process.  Robin's medicine is truly a gift that helped me progress in my personal transformation journey. 

- Lisa G, USA

You are a master, a brilliant coach, a compassionate individual. Upon meeting you Robin, I was drawn to your compassion and radiance which you exude. You carry with you a deep knowledge and understanding of the human heart and existence. As I have danced with you over ten years, I have witnessed your ability to relate to others and establish a deep rapport. As a life coach, your brilliance is focusing on an issue, a challenge, a question that your client raises and framing an exploration that brings self awareness and insight to the client. Though your guidance, I have discovered an internal truth to move forward in my life.

- Karen Holmes, Azul Conscious Movement Facilitator and Certified Cancer Coach

"Transformational Bodywork with Conscious Movement"

I have been offering the healing gift of "Transformational Bodywork" for the past 35 years with wonderful results. With my certification in Azul Conscious Movement, I have been inspired to utilize the healing gifts of these modalities together in one on one healing sessions for inspiration and further embodiment.


These additional sessions include bodywork as well as conscious movement, tailored to whatever is arising and needs support in the physical & energetic realms to allow balancing for each client's shift to greater awareness and empowerment.

Robin Spiegel

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Conscious Movement Classes

I am a Certified Azul Conscious Movement Teacher.  Since 2009 I have been enjoying classes and exploring a myriad of conscious movement workshops in 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Dance of Liberation and Soul Motion and continuously exploring other forms of conscious movement.  I teach classes in Cork and Dublin, Ireland, Greenwich, CT, Mt. Desert Island, Maine and in various other locations.

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Contact Info

To Register for a session, please feel free to contact me at

or +353.83.208.4857

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