Transformational Healing & Energywork 

How can you move towards more love and trust, with less fear and worry, while relaxing into uncertainty?  What is ready to be released that truly no longer serves you?  What is deeply held in your heart and soul that wishes to be expressed and heard so that you can move forward to create anew …  for yourself and in the world?

This moment in time is a most powerful opportunity and gift to further love ourselves and one another …and to delve deeply into our own personal experiences for greater healing. 


“Transformational Healing & Energywork” sessions will support the release of old patterns and beliefs to open the space within for new beginnings and to welcome your highest vibration with strengthening tools. 

During the Healing Session:

  • Sound healing - will support your energy field for greater centering, balancing & alignment

  • Meditative journey - brings greater awareness to what wishes to be seen, held and healed​

  • Body wisdom, conscious movement, chakra balancing - to further receive the incredible power & truth your body holds

  • Flower essence blend - can be created and sent (if desired) to continue receiving transformational support  

About Robin

Robin Spiegel is a Certified Transformational Coach, utilizing sound healing, chakra balancing, energy work, meditation, flower essences, essential oils and more.  For the past 35+ years, Robin has supported her clients and students in reaching their highest potential through inspiration, empowerment, compassion, spiritual counseling and healing touch.

Robin is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Transformational Bodyworker, energy worker, Certified Azul Conscious Movement Facilitator.


I met Robin in an advanced training called “Clear Beliefs Coach Training.”  Among all the practitioners in this training Robin stood out to me as someone who is super aligned, knows herself, and trusts her intuition when assessing situations.  She is kind, compassionate, holds energy from a deep knowing, and is able to connect you right to where you need to be.  Her coaching style is gentle and slow, allowing you to go deep into the places where transformation can happen.  Robin and I have continued our peer exchanges to facilitate each other’s growth and I consider our sessions a blessing.  I highly recommend Robin as a coach and as a wisdom bearer.

- Eva Ruland, PhD, Transformational Coach

You are a master, a brilliant coach, a compassionate individual. 

Upon meeting you Robin, I was drawn to your compassion and radiance which you exude.  You carry with you a deep knowledge and understanding of the human heart and existence. As I have danced with you over ten years, I have witnessed your ability to relate to others and establish a deep rapport. As a life coach, your brilliance is focusing on an issue, a challenge, a question that your client raises and framing an exploration that brings self awareness and insight to the client. Though your guidance, I have discovered an internal truth to move forward in my life.

- Karen Holmes, Azul Conscious Movement Facilitator and Certified Cancer Coach

Robin, I will never forget the session I had with you last year.  2019 was my "Dark Night of the Soul."  I was experiencing many contrasts in my life that led to the realization of a large imbalance between my masculine and feminine energies.  I showed up to my session and wasn’t sure that I could describe what I was sensing and feeling, but once we faced each other, it was easily expressed.  I felt so safe, clear, and comfortable with sharing my predicament.  Your questions allowed the voice of my masculine energy as well as the voice of my feminine energy to be heard and to ultimately bring forth a harmonious collaboration between the two.

I felt such a shift after you integrated conscious movement into the session.  I distinctly remember walking away with a feeling of totally embracing ME!  Frankly, as a coach myself, I appreciated being professionally coached by YOU!  What an awesome divine appointment that was.  I was so satisfied and felt so whole.  I was grateful to receive a Flower Essence blend to support me in moving forward.  I have never ever felt that imbalance again.  With deepest gratitude.   - Esther Leiva, “Transformational Dimensions”

Robin Spiegel is the epitome of a gifted healer that ‘walks her talk’.  She coached me diligently through my experience and treatments, surgery and cure of a very aggressive breast cancer on all levels - physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.  Robin is also a gifted clairvoyant who also regularly has ‘information’ for healing for her clients.  She is a gift.  I would recommend her to anyone that wishes to feel connected to the higher frequencies of healing, love and the mystical.  She is an embodiment of all for all.  In this challenging time of appeared ‘separation’ Robin can help show you how to tap into the oneness and connection to the truth. I remember us in prayer and meditation together once and afterward there were “beings of light” appearing to join us and we were delighted.  It was a sign that we are more than matter … that we are energy and spirit.  

- Maria Difolco, Larchmont, NY

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