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"Come to the dance and be danced!  Move until you are moved.  

Dance until the dancer disappears and only the dance remains."  

- Gabrielle Roth

My Journey With Movement

At an early age I was mesmerized by sound, scent and movement, through all of my senses.  It captured my attention and connected me to the expansiveness of my whole being ... body and soul.  For more than 30 years, I have been exploring many different kinds of therapies and healing modalities to bring greater awareness and awakening of consciousness.


These modalities brought valuable insights to unconscious patterns held in my mind, body and energy field wanting attention.  Then as I began to connect deeply with movement and dance in a more conscious way, I felt a powerful surrender, integration and clarity in relating to the depth of my authentic self and spirit.

Artwork by Tomazs Alen Kopera

Animated by George Redhawk 

In 2009 a dear friend invited me to a 5 Rhythms conscious movement class.  It changed my life!  I immediately fell in love with the depth of this practice and felt I was at home in my body, in a deeper way than ever before.  Movement has become my prayer, meditation, therapy and my most profound inspiration, as I deeply connect to myself, to spirit and to loving conscious communities.

Presently I am teaching "Azul Conscious Movement" classes as well as "Journey Through the Chakras with Conscious Movement" in a myriad of wellness venues, conscious movement classes & workshops.

Inspirational Mentors

I have been blessed to study with influential leaders in the field of conscious movement.  Extensive workshop courses in 5 Rhythms include inspirational mentors Amara Pagano, Jonathan Horan, Amber Ryan, Lucia Horan, Douglas Drummond, Kate Shela, Alain Allard, and others. I have also experienced workshops taught by Michael Molin-Skelton in the practice of “Soul Motion”, Ya'Acov Darling Kahn in "Movement Medicine", as well as Parashakti Sigalit Bat-Haim in the powerful shamanic conscious movement practice “Dance of Liberation”, and Open Floor as well as BISO classes with Cathy Ryan.  ​

To Organize A Class In Your Area 

Please contact Robin at the Lotus Wellness Center to discuss organizing a class or workshop.


Email or +353.83.208.4857 for more information. 

"Azul Conscious Movement" 

Amara Pagano, creator of Azul Conscious Movement has been a most amazing mentor and has had the greatest influence with conscious movement and embodiment in my life.  Amara describes Azul as “a conscious movement practice and path of personal transformation that supports the awakening of consciousness and recognizes that as we transform ourselves, we create the conditions for our world to transform.   

Read more about Azul.  

I have been studying with Amara since 2012 & completed her extensive training program in October 2017 where I became a "Certified Azul Conscious Movement Teacher."

I currently assist Amara in some of her workshops as well as offer "Transformational Body Work" to participants and staff during a variety of her events.  I continue to attend many different kinds of conscious movement workshops for myself as well, to continue to learn and enhance my teaching in conscious movement.  Please join me for exploration & fun on the dance floor.​​  No prior experience is needed, just a curiosity and openness to explore. 

Robin and Amara

“She danced the dance of flames and fire,
and the dance of swords and spears;

she danced the dance of stars and the dance of space,

and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind.”
- Kahlil Gibran

Much Love and Namaste,

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