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Past Events

These are samples of what we have offered in the recent past.  If you see a circle or workshop here that interests you that is not on our present Lotus Calendar schedule, please let us know of your interest.  Many thanks! 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

7 - 9pm


"2019 is the Year of Creative Expression"

with Greer Jonas

Discover your personal year theme through Numerology.


2019 is the year of the creative "3" (2+0+1+9=12 / 2+1=3). It will be a time for all of us to connect to how we express ourselves in our relationships, our career, and our world.  How will you reach out in a new way and tap into the creative passion that makes you unique? Find out during this interactive evening with Greer. $45

To Register:

peacock for 2019.jpg

Numerologist Greer Jonas will also be doing 60 and 90 minute Numerology readings on Friday, December 7th.  Special Holiday discount.  Contact Greer to schedule readings at:​​



Join Robin & Greer for a day of inspiration, renewal, fun and empowerment in this very special workshop.  With a unique exploration of body, mind and creative spirit, we utilize Azul  conscious movement, painting and meditation as we delve into your chakras and your passionate intentions.


No prior art or conscious movement/dance experience necessary.  Movement is barefoot or indoor shoes only. We supply canvas and paints.  Please bring paint brushes. 


$140/Non-Members of ArtWaves

$130/Members of ArtWaves


For more information please contact:

Robin at

Greer at

Art Waves 

1345A State Highway 102

Bar Harbor, Maine 04609​

Saturday,  October 27, 2018   10am - 6pm

"An Exploration of Freedom with Art & Movement"

with Robin Spiegel & Greer Jonas


Location: ArtWaves in Maine


Sat/Sun  October 20 & 21, 2018   10am - 6pm

"The Healing Power of Flowers"

Flower Essence Therapy Course 

with Joseph Aldo, PhD​

In this extensive weekend course you will learn the history of flower essences, understand Bach's 38 remedies, and California essences.  You will also learn how to combine flower essences to create remedies for transformational healing, working with chronic vs. acute conditions.  We will explore the art of case taking and finding out the key symptoms, working with your intuition, live case taking with class volunteers and much more. $385

 Thurs, Oct 4, 2018   7-9 pm    

"Meditative Drum Circle"

with DeeAnn Macomson


Join us as we explore the drum as a tool for meditation, deep relaxation and stress relief.  Repetitive patterns and changing rhythms will include relaxation and build community as we intuitively flow into deep rhythmic unity.  No drumming experience necessary.  Bring a drum if you have one - DeeAnn also has many to share.  Registration in advance.  $35

To Register:

"Threshold ... New Year 2018"

with Amara Pagano

December 29, 2017 - January 2, 2018

Get ready to enter 2018 and experience three powerful days to listen to what is needed for us to fully dissolve our “no” to life and embrace the “yes” that leads us towards union and prosperity.​

This 4 day workshop and ritual, with Amara Pagano, gives you an opportunity to integrate the year 2017, feel where you are in the moment and cross the Threshold into the new year. You will have 3 powerful days to listen to what is needed for you to fully dissolve the "No" to life and deeply embrace the "Yes" to abundance, joy and love.


Threshold New Year's Workshop

in Greenwich, CT

Celebrating Earth Day at Christ Church in Greenwich

April 22, 2017

"Earth Day - Azul Grand Opening in CT"

with Robin, Nancy & Chensun

The Loft @ Christ Church

254 E. Putnam Ave, 2nd Fl, Greenwich, CT

April 22, 2017

7 - 9:30pm

The Azul spiral carries us through a meditative journey as we connect to our body through movement. This practice of listening to our body allows us to reach deeper into Self to support Awakening of Love.​

Love is our true essence, allowing us to live more joyfully in the flow of life. This celebration on Earth Day will mark the beginning of an ongoing offering of Azul classes and workshops.  All are welcome to attend this fun and spirit-filled evening. No previous dance experience necessary.

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